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The Vasdenja's network

Post by Qwazi » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:46 am

I'm running an epic campaign honoring the sacrifice of the dragon Vasdenja in the Throalic war. It's been 30 years of peace and trade with Thera has become commonplace. But now there are powerful forces in the Theran empire that are not content with playing nice, and they are using any tactics to sabotage the peace and encite war... dirty tactics.

This is a campaign involving a common dragon Caeroe (supposed child of Mountainshadow and Thermail (the poor dragon who impaled herself on the Wyrmspire peak after 7 of her eggs were stolen to create the Hydra abomenation... Caeroe is the supposed 11th egg... *coughs*). Caeroe is a Trobadour / Nethermancer and has the powerful ability to see the future (Caeroe - version of Kairos - cease the opportunity / future). Since the demise of Thermail and the disgrace following the Hydra abomenation Caeroe was raised by Vasdenja and has followed in his footsteps of being curious about namegivers and very social. Since the death of Vasdenja, Caeroe has taken it upon herself to make sure to prevent this kind of wars again.

This is a campaign involving many of the great dragons as they respect Caeroe's ability to see the future, though only really Caeroe interacts with the group. The dragons take turns playing puppet-master with the group, while Caeroe takes the stance that she can see the fate of many namegivers, but with these people (the group) she can not and therefore they have an important role to play to shape the future. She is therefore extremely supportive of whatever shenanigans the group is up to, and will even use her trubadour powers on their behalf to spread their fame/fortune/stories or even false reputation to bolster things. She has kind of a weird humour to and like to "troll" the group by bolstering some of their lesser prideful moments or even build one of the members up to become a prophet of whatever cause they are passionate about... Caeroe likes to have fun, more or less, and find namegivers fascinating to study.

Throughout the campaign the Vasdenja's network may offer support and have tasks to the group. Caeroe gives individuals in the group a paper on which they can write to her, and she can respond, at great distances. To the really dumb character in the group she gave kind of a comic-book which basically captures the events the group go through, but from the player character's perspective in which he is the mighty superhero... Caeroe uses this book to spy on what the group do and go through, and may sometimes add comic-strips in the future blank pages as future events that will happen (not frequent, but can be useful every now and then to give hints when the group is way off track).

In this campaign the Therans wanting to incite war are more corrupt than ever. They have even captured a horror that is incredibly infectious (Bahmet - the puppetmaster). It has a kind of flesh-eating worms that can multiply inside its host and that can attach itself to the brain to stimulate pain/pleasure centras or even prolong life. It can cause its victims to attack other namegivers and flesheating wors will attempt to burrow themselves into the new host and spread like this. The Therans used this horror to infect people in Throal, and it wiped out 90% of the Throalic population, upon which Earthroot sealed the gates and Throal is now closed and empty of life except for the pale-ones and Earthroot. The group just happened to bring an infected head in a freezer box to Bloodwood and Alamaise (the Elfbane dragon) found out about this, stole the head, and used it to wipe out a majority of the bloodelves too...

So, uhm, yah... The Therans are being very successful terrorists at the moment. The Throalic king is kept hidden by Earthroot, the Throalic princess (now named Queen thinking the king is dead) has been replaced by an impostor, the group has a leader who wants to destroy all magic in the world (saying it's the source of horrors and all corruption) and has gotten quite a following. Another great-dragon, "Manon", has appeared. As old as Mountainshadow he has been long forgotten (just like Parlainth was) as he was the dragon who agreed to watch the world tree that was planted to guard the portal that had allowed Horrors to enter the mundane world. Thousands upon thousands of years have passed, and when the group just happened to blow up a Theran dig in the Delaris mountains they just happened to blow up some 2000 slaves that were working there too... the blood spilled was enough to break the seal that had been placed on the old, OLD, elven kingdom (Second age elves, the age during which Earthdawn is played is the 4th I believe) in which Manon and the worldtree is located. Manon can not escape, but no longer wishes to guard the tree... He kind of wishes to limit the magic in the world too (exposure to pressure from horrors and the worldtree can do that to a dragon I reckon), and can reach out to namegivers through dreams and has made the leader of the group the champion of this cause (to help free Manon, destroy much of the magic, etc.).

Aaaanyways... if this epic campaign in which the group is part of some truly epic things (without being high circle) as events far beyond their control take place around them (and they have some important roles to play in), is of further interest I guess I could try and flesh things out a bit more... Let me know if enough people would be interested and I might write some more about the story.

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Re: The Vasdenja's network

Post by Slimcreeper » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:48 am

That's a hell of a tale, friend! I want to hear more!

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Re: The Vasdenja's network

Post by avensis » Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:44 pm

It's a sacred story thank you for sharing!

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Re: The Vasdenja's network

Post by Waijhou » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:22 pm

I am liking it!!

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