A couple of questions about Earthdawn

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A couple of questions about Earthdawn

Post by Brucezed » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:34 am

I love Earthdawn ,have been playing GMing since 1st ED. Loved it then, still love it now, I have a couple of questions I didn't hear covered. Thought I'd share them with you.

1 . On the Earthdawn Map, the North and East of Barsaive looks to be wilderness. I'd like to know if 4th Ed will develop that area or will this remain the wild unfamiliar.

2. Throughout the first Theran war, several Dwarf homes supported the Theran's plus were banned for their own actions. What is the particular official ruling on these types of Banned Dwarf Houses plus how many Dwarves had been banned? Where have these people gone?

3. Most RPG games has a big list of spells. I would enjoy to see the larger list of means to give players a lot more diversity.

4. I'd really like to view a 4th Earthdawn Monster Manual, something along with a complete listing of Earthdawn Monsters. I'd also really like to see something such as what DnD offers because advancable monsters which may be used at nearly any circle: Goblinoids, Gnolls, Orks, Kobolds etc. Because GM I've added things such as this to add colour and depth, but this would be nice in order to have something put away for 4th Ed because well.

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Re: A couple of questions about Earthdawn

Post by Bonhumm » Thu Jun 27, 2019 8:04 pm

1- The North-East of Barsaive (i.e. past Parlainth) has not, to my knowledge been developed in game (beside the Cathay books which are a LOT more to the east. So basically we don't 'know' what's around Moscow and the like if that was your question. The recently release Elven Nations book, however, has given us a better look to the north-WEST and north of Barsaive, including the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

2- The Throal book (https://fasagames.com/catalog/index.php ... cts_id=540) gives a detailed description of which family were banished (or otherwise punished) and how after the first war (and of other related frictions related to this during the Scourge and even before). At least one of those family fled to 'underground Throal', in the cave where the Pale Ones live. In fact there is a game module were they are quite involved as the bad guys.

3- We are still waiting for the official post 8th Circle spell list but previous editions have an extended list of spells that could easily be converted. Especially in the 1st Edition Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive.

4- Beside what is included in the Player's and Gamemaster book, the closest thing like that would be the 1st edition Creatures of Barsaive (https://fasagames.com/catalog/index.php ... cts_id=596).

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