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General discussion on 1879.
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Companion Commentary

Post by Clawshaper » Sat Feb 13, 2021 4:42 am

So, I was the one who wrote the request to delete the line on Eastern Dragons being keen on decorum being some sort of influence on or reflection of Japanese and Chinese culture. Because the section is an out of character description of a part of the setting, I didn't take it for in-setting chatter or speculation. I still feel that it doesn't fit very well where it is, even with the changes; the transition to calling it out as a common prejudice of Victorians is incredibly awkward, given that it wasn't supposed to be an in-setting chapter to begin with.

(I may also be incredibly harsh on Victorian-era folk, but I also tend to assume poorly of them on the front to begin with, given the hotbed of racial pseudoscience provided by European and Euro-descended cultures of the time. Cannot wait until a certain magical comeuppance in North America, hope it isn't a ritual provided by Thais this time.)

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Re: Companion Commentary

Post by TarlimanJoppos » Sun Jun 06, 2021 7:20 pm

I was actually looking for an Indigenous writer to handle the North American West and the resurgence of magic among the Indigenous populations. Likewise, the Raj book was hopefully going to be written by a Dalit author, and the Confederacy book by a Black author from the American South. You'd have to ask Brad about all that now.

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