Legends of Barsaive - Questions

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Re: Legends of Barsaive - Questions

Post by Notaure » Sat May 07, 2022 11:44 am

Hello everyones,
I have a couple of question concerning the main plot.
1-If the deceivers are behind the thief of the map pieces in « Toys in the attic » they already know where they are hidden, right ? So why the deceivers need to realise a ritual in « that which was lost » to determine where the map pieces are hidden ? it’s a nonsense, isn’t it ?
2-if the deceivers try to not reveal their true nature, asking some mantis eggs to the PC (which is fun for the game but very suspicious otherwise) to prepare an omelets is not very smart ?
Thanks for yours responses

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Re: Legends of Barsaive - Questions

Post by Panda » Mon May 09, 2022 2:32 pm


I asked Michael (who is unable to respond due to technical issues) and below is his response:
  1. The ritual does do something, but you are correct in stating it has nothing to do with locating the map pieces. This feeds into their plan carried out in Brain Scratch (LoB 108), but the full extent isn't revealed to player characters until LoB 112. Stay tuned for that release coming down our pipeline.
  2. This is something players may pick up on. However, by this point in the adventure the deceivers took steps to ensure the characters are none-the-wiser. This ties into the ritual from your previous question and will be revealed in LoB 112.
Hopefully this offers as much clarity as possible,

Best regards,


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