Possible errata/clarification: Research

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Possible errata/clarification: Research

Post by Bonhumm » Sat May 23, 2020 10:32 am

Since the Research talent in the Player's Guide did not state how long it took per attempt, I had always assumed it was, like so many things, 8 hours but could never be sure since there was no clear rules.

However, I've just noticed that the Research Knack 'Librarian' in Mystic Patch seems to confirm that a Research attempt does take 8 hours.

Perhaps a clarification about this should be added to the Research talent for the official errata/future printings.

Thank you.

Also: To whomever wrote the end of the 'Consult with colleagues' knack (also in Mystic Path): there is pills to help against depressions you know, you should see a doctor :-)

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Re: Possible errata/clarification: Research

Post by Panda » Thu May 28, 2020 1:49 pm


The knack doesn't actually indicate that at all. It says "appropriate interval;" eight hours is an example to show a time interval reduction. If it reduced Research tests by one hour per success, it would say that instead. There is no fixed amount of time required to research something because that's too broad of a question. If your research is using the whole of the Great Library for a topic, that's considerably different than searching through a single tome for a critical answer.

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