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by Belenus
Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:12 pm
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Topic: Avoid Blow, Physical, Defense and Windlings
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Re: Avoid Blow, Physical, Defense and Windlings

Just as you noted yourself: Karma can be seen as an addition +4 Step.
+ Your dice can explode.
And what you shouldn't miss either: You no longer fall automatically if Avoid Blow fails. So just 1 strain damage for a second chance.
by Belenus
Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:27 pm
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Topic: Balancing Forge Armor/Weapon
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Re: Balancing Forge Armor/Weapon

We houseruled that some armors are stackable (if it makes sence) like blood pebbles + fernweave. But we also said that only one item can be upgraded. If you go with the "Only the highest value counts"-rule, you still can "cheat". Like a forged blood pebble with mystical armor +8 and a forged fernwea...
by Belenus
Mon Mar 02, 2020 6:03 pm
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Topic: Teamwork Tests, Dagger Talent
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Re: Teamwork Tests, Dagger Talent

More than one person can work on a task, subject to GM discretion. In this case, whoever has the highest rank in the skill is the lead . The lead can have a number of people working on the test equal to their rank, including themselves. So someone with rank 3 can have up to 2 assistants. Everyone r...
by Belenus
Mon Mar 02, 2020 5:52 pm
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Topic: Old ed spells not included?
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Re: Old ed spells not included?

Am I the only person who used Throne of Air for the dogde abilty?
It was an extremely powerful spell.
And I guess it was cut because of exactly this reason.
Each other casters also lost their spells to dogde with spellcasting. :cry:
by Belenus
Wed Feb 19, 2020 5:25 pm
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Topic: +1 for each additional target
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Re: +1 for each additional target

p130 in the book The adept issues a great bellow, inspiring his allies and intimidating his enemies . The targets must be within the adept’s Battle Bellow rank x10 yards. The adept makes a Battle Bellow test against the highest Social Defense among the target group, +1 for each additional target. I...
by Belenus
Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:35 am
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Topic: Gaunlet Fighting Style
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Re: Gaunlet Fighting Style

Or to be a little more precise: Both the adept’s hands must be free and cannot be holding weapons, shields, and items which act as shields when using this talent.
by Belenus
Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:05 pm
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Topic: Ed4 : Lowering Mystical Defense
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Re: Ed4 : Lowering Mystical Defense

There's an optional rule in the companion 4e for it: LOWERING MYSTIC DEFENSE Earlier editions of Earthdawn allowed characters to voluntarily lower their Mystic Defense when casting a spell on themselves, or by a friendly magician. This makes it easier for enhancing spells to take effect. The Lowerin...
by Belenus
Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:03 pm
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Topic: Illusionist spells "stacking"
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Re: Illusionist spells "stacking"

Well, not the answer I hoped for but at least I'm relieved that here were different opinions on this topic too :lol: Just thought that the part about Notice Not "This spell masks a character, making others ignore him entirely." contained the spells on this character too. So if a character was buffed...
by Belenus
Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:47 pm
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Topic: Nightflyer's Cloak
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Re: Nightflyer's Cloak

TheOracle wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:55 am
Thanks to all of you for clarifying that! :) It seems I need to improve my character's durability through our group structure a bit.
Hehe, that's what I did too with my illusionist :D
by Belenus
Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:46 pm
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Topic: Extra Threads: Additional Target (+1)
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Re: Extra Threads: Additional Target (+1)

Great, wasn't quite sure about it but this is how we already played it.
Thanks for the clarification :)