Hello! Open Social: who plays what, and where?

Discussion on the Noble Armada game line, errata, and feedback not related to miniatures.
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Hello! Open Social: who plays what, and where?

Postby Matsumoto » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:04 pm

I am glad to hear that FASA, of all companies, is planning to revitalize Noble Armada.

However, no revitalization is complete without community, so let's chatter: how we got into the game, what we like to play, how often, and where...no need to divulge really sensitive info, but we can still get together in a who's-who sense.

Matsumoto here.

i live in the Rockies of the US, and it was in a small time game convention i ran across Fading Suns. though the RPG never saw play in my groups, i was interested in the mini game, being a fool for all things space combat. When i heard the makers of the Babylon 5 game were essentially making Fading Suns wargaming, i bit.

I have a collection that's mostly Hawkwood, but i started out Hazat
also have Church and Kurgan mini's
I love the Vuldrok from the Fleets of the Fading suns book, but i never saw a lot of them in the RPG. (were they detailed in an expansion?)

also, some of those last Mongoose mini's are Vapor: i bought an Allat Escort pack that had a Sawfly Frigate in it. i wanted to get 2 Vuldrok Dreadnoughts, but they never reached the USA. The Vau came and disappeared before i could get paid.
...and is it just me or is the Rack cruiser the same as the Legate monitor, just a different statline? i have a ton of those and i wonder if i should redress a few to be distinct.

in any case, i am glad to see the game get a boost.

:thumbup: here's to Noble Armada, version 3! :cheerleader:

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Re: Hello! Open Social: who plays what, and where?

Postby Bogie » Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:55 pm

Hi there! Great idea.

I started off with many other miniatures games mostly from FASA: Battletech, Leviathan, Renegade Legion, Centurion, and went from there. I've enjoyed miniatures games and RPGS and I am excited about the opportunity of bringing both of the games Fading Suns and Noble Armada a little closer together. We have ideas for more things as well but like always we need to execute well what we are working on now. :)

I have a collection of all the ships now :)

To address the issue of some of the Mongoose line being a little strange we are currently in the process of getting all the molds and going through what we have, what is good, and what we need to update. :)
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