Core Rulebook Typos

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Core Rulebook Typos

Postby TarlimanJoppos » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:53 am

This is where you post errors, omissions, and other oopsies so that we can correct them in future editions.

To start off, here's one from our own Colonel Bogie:

Ok - I was reading something (went down my own rabbit hole when I should be working) but anyways - Chapter 3, page 51, under "Life on the warring frontier", line 8 says "consult wit the Saurids" but I was thinking it was consult with? :)
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Re: Core Rulebook Typos

Postby zayven » Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:30 pm

Are all of the numbers for the Samsut units correct? A few of them seem a bit off, but maybe I'm missing something.

For example, on page 278, the Ardite Infantry Nesum is identical to the next one on page 279 except that the latter version saves on a 7 instead of an 8. The point cost for the one on page 278 is 94 (which, incidentally, is the same point value of the inferior Ardite Infantry Waklum, which has fewer attacks, a smaller command radius, and one fewer hit), but the cost for the version on page 279 is 141 points. Is the 1 point increase in the Save value really worth an extra 47 points? Even when the improvement from the inferior Waklum version costs nothing?

Also, should the third version of the Ardite Zombie Controller on page 273 (which I assume is the Elite version, though it isn't labeled as such) have fewer hits than the Regular and Veteran versions? Was this a deliberate choice to balance out the much better Morale score? I can see the logic, but given that the British units don't suffer the same limitations, is the balance necessary?

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