Welcome to 1879 Miniatures Wargaming

Discussion on the 1879 miniatures and tabletop battles rules.
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Welcome to 1879 Miniatures Wargaming

Postby TarlimanJoppos » Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:55 am

This forum category is for discussion of the 1879 Miniatures Wargame. If you have questions or comments about the minis themselves, or the Universal 18 ruleset, or have designed your own battle types, or have cool photos of your setup, by all means bring them here. We won't be talking much about the game world except as it applies directly to the minis wargame. Thus, we'll discuss military tactics of the period and the gameworld, weaponry, military technology, and the like, but won't be digging into the politics behind the war. If you're interested in that, try the Rolegaming section. Thanks for your interest and participation!
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