Czlaplon Quest

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Re: Czlaplon Quest

Postby TarlimanJoppos » Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:17 am

Gudrun has been busy seeing to her grimoire and other documents, using Nethermantic magic to ensure that nothing lives between the pages, as they would not survive being washed down with alcohol. She simply nods to the Marshal and says, “Yes.”

Shaliko agrees with Isaac. “There was an elven woman traveling with a disguise ring, pretending to be human, but I haven't seen her since yesterday. We should try to locate her. If she slipped ashore...”

Gudrun shakes her head. “If she did, she is using more powerful magic than I am capable of. My spirit was unable to find her this morning.”

“That's worrisome,” says Mekhitar.

“We'll keep an eye out for an elf or a human with a ring,” says the Marshal. “If the contagion is spread well enough that you were able to map it and see clear evidence of Hand involvement, the Hand agent who set this is long gone. Given how they work, this won't be the only infection. Let's get you back to your riverboat. You need to keep moving, keep an eye out for further infections, and there's no sense keeping an adept team hanging around for an area decontamination. We've got fire throwers. We can manage without an elementalist.” This last to Kolbeinn, who gives a relieved sigh. “We'll have another look at the passengers and crew on the riverboat under the pretext of a final check for fungal infection.”
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Re: Czlaplon Quest

Postby arcomniflash » Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:54 am

"Probably a good idea...although.." I'll mutter something while thinking to myself. "I have my doubts that this 'elven' woman was involved in the spread of this infection, though she may be a hand agent - almost certainly if she managed to avoid detection by Gudrun. Think about it, the timing doesn't make sense, we were contacted about this infection practically the moment we arrived, which means that it was spreading before we got here. Given the way it's been cultivated and shaped, someone must have taken time to do so...and that woman was with us for the entire voyage up until this point. Perhaps the people in the neighboring farms noticed if certain people were repeatedly visiting the farm in the days or months prior to this."

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Re: Czlaplon Quest

Postby Kasbak » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:34 am

"I'm inclined to agree." I'll say with a nod toward Isaac. "We can't rule out whether or not she was involved, but I don't think she was the perpetrator. The infection had to have started before we arrived, so unless she used some magic to leave the ship undetected before we made port, someone else had to start the spread." It wouldn't surprise me really, and I don't think who ever was behind this acted alone anyway. There are five vector points, after all.

"There was also one member of the crew who had some sort of minor protection magic on him. We never did get a good enough look to examine it closely, but it's something else to keep an eye out for. If it's protection against infection, that could indicate involvement." We should probably do a check over the rest of the ship while the crew and passengers are being corralled and examined. No better chance to search without being spotted when everyone is somewhere else.

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