Hubris and Urge

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Hubris and Urge

Postby ragnarol » Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:30 pm


How do you game mater this? Which kind of actions could end up gaining one of those? Just the actions or the actions in certain context?

For example, cold blood murder will obviously end up with a them getting higher, but what if you kill some one in self-defense? I think it will also increase but want to see different points.

Leviathan of Maddoc
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Re: Hubris and Urge

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:07 pm

I've found that the feel of the powers works better if you don't think of them as the same thing.

Hubris is a metaphor of your your obedience to the Pancreator and adherence to your literal faith. It is a matter of doctrine rather than any sort of system of morality. The difference would be that murder to a theurgist is wrong because it destroys a soul mirror and darkens your own. Weather you act in self defense or in callous bloodthirsty you have the same impact on the spirituality of the world, but if the person you kill was non-reflective you neither destroy their mirror nor darken your own. So depending on your faith strangling an Ukar hooker to death to avoid paying her wouldn't involve a Hubris roll. Psychics, even if they don't think highly of aliens couldn't be responsible for their death without a roll.

Urge is a metaphor for the power of your own Ego and associated guilt. It is a matter of common morality and your obedience to the same rules everyone else obeys rather than any sort of codified law. The difference would be that murder to a psychic is about deciding your life is worth more than another's. Again self-defense isn't an excuse unless there's no way the psychic couldn't just disable their attacker, but a psychic could give the order send a dozen crew members on the Chauki stride if there wasn't enough life support to keep everyone alive without making a roll (Or at least getting a pretty generous bonus) because they were doing what they had to to keep people alive, a Theurgist would not be able to make that command without a dozen rolls to avoid hubris, even if he chose to be one of those sent out the airlock.

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