FATE In The Fading Suns?

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FATE In The Fading Suns?

Postby KugelBlitz » Sun May 15, 2016 8:06 pm

Hello everyone.

Almost a decade ago, I've played some adventures in FS, but the group eventually dispersed itself. Now I'm starting as an Blessed (Hinduist British Soldier from the Raj) in a Savage Worlds Deadlands campaign, and I don´t know from where came the Idea, but suddenly I remembered the FATE Core system(did not read everything that I got yet, it's one of THAT times in life), and Fading Suns. Pow, from nowhere came the urge to re-read my favorite kitchen sink universe.

I remember the original rules seeming great on paper, but not so during an adventure, and a more free flow, or generic (?) system could be the answer to me and some friends.

Has anyone seen the Mass Effect adaptation to Fate (just search it...)? It's a Thing Of Beauty, I do not have the editor skills to make such a pretty thing, but it proves that the system can contain a soft sci-fi universe with psionics (aka scifi magic). A fully functional conversion of Fading Suns, in the not so immediate future is a pretty fun goal for me.

I have access to almost all the line from the 2nd ed and the 2 revised books, and my mind just started spinning around the tech levels, industry, economy and society of the Known Worlds.

Now that I am getting reacquainted with the FS Universe I start to see the magnitude of the work ahead...
Of all the variants of the FATE system, do you think that one is better for the task or not?
I do have the F Core, Fate toolkit and various others. My initial plan is to use the core, since it seems that there is more material available on the web than others...

And the Skill List?!?!? I'm still getting my mind around that. Maybe some Options from the Toolkit,
Where would YOU start? Any suggestions?

I've been stumped by sheer variety of THINGS in FS. I will try to do a good conversion, I just wish that it would be half as good as the Mass Effect one. I've spent the last day rereading the fluff in some books and, I'm ashamed to say, searching for pretty pictures. It helps me visualize the universe, that will help me as soon as the chewing of rules start.

-lots of skills
-technology levels
-Pew pew pew

I do have pretty good FATE resources to inspire and utilize in the conversion. The fate rpg's Mindjammer, Atomic Robo, Diaspora, Bulldogs and the ME adaptation are now in my hands, Mwahaha. I've printed every version of their skills list and started to compare one vs the other. I'll also look into the AR pricing of different skills a a variant of skill buying found in the evilhat site called pyramid or something like it.

Not have readed every book yet, I liked the model used in species and the biotics chapters of the ME game conversion (a least take a look, it's pretty! ;-).

The Dresden Files also utilizes a "price" in starting fate points refresh to buy supernatural powers and origins, and some kind of conversion from the pool of character points in Fading Suns to a fate pts budget for the PCs could work well, if balanced. The players could "buy" races, powers, bacgrounds at a refresh cost.

If ye want to trade some ideas, I'd be happy to talk.

Pancreator bless ye all.

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Re: FATE In The Fading Suns?

Postby Angelman » Mon May 16, 2016 4:28 am

Interesting project, Kugelblitz :)
I can't help you directly as I don't know FATE at all, but I remember this pairing (FS powered by FATE) has been suggested and discussed manytimes in the past. I would be surprised if there aren't any conversions and the like available online somewhere, so perhaps some googling for that is a good place to start your project? Sorry for being unable to help out more.
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Re: FATE In The Fading Suns?

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Mon May 16, 2016 3:52 pm

There's a Fading Suns Fate Core that turns up regularly when I web search Fading Suns. I looked it over and it looks fairly accurate given my weak understanding of Fate. The problem I found is that it doesn't address the thematic components of the game world reflected in the rules. You will get abilities and equpment like Fading Suns but it will be generic. Still it's a good starting point to build off of. Check it out.

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Re: FATE In The Fading Suns?

Postby KugelBlitz » Tue May 17, 2016 5:37 pm

I'll look for other conversions after I work myself a little more. I'm already influenced by the Mass Effect conversion to FATE, and I'm afraid that if I start seeking shortcuts so early in the process it would result in a perfunctory job.
I've decided to work first on a skill list, the in the "character points" section, the things the some kind of refresh coin could buy for the characters. Like the FS players book backgrounds, status, rare powers. Such kind of mechanics I've seen in the Dresden Files rpg, the ME conversion, fate Bulldogs, etc.

If someone has any ideas and/or suggestions, I'd be glad to read it.

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Re: FATE In The Fading Suns?

Postby KugelBlitz » Fri May 20, 2016 9:21 pm

Here I am again with conundrum of skill for the Conversion. And we all know that there is a little more than that in the SF system. But the interesting fact is the separation in families, some of then almost like skills for a more generic or "simplistic" set of rules.

I'll make a cloud link to some of the skill lists of my books. I would have inserted them in this post, but I couldn't. There is a limit for three attachments?

Note that I'm not sharing any book. Each archive is a Skill list from a roleplaying game for discussion purposes.

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nvpl74 ... kill_Lists

At the actual juncture in my life, I don't have much free time, so I didn't read every option available in the skill department, but I'm striving to do so.

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