Muster ranged combat style

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Re: Muster ranged combat style

Postby Danos » Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:01 pm

Wow, we play them different. I've always treated Muster as professional soldiers, using real world examples like the mercenaries the Rhodesians used, or the consultants the US used in Iraq, and I've always played house troops as more like the garrison troops of the Napoleonic wars. House troops are a short step above conscript militia, and Muster are professionals with travel bags packed. Muster are also more likely to know how to make ammunition and armor, repair vehicles, and so forth, while house troops just know whatever skills their noble demands that they know. Hazat troops are probably better than Muster on the whole, while the Decados use cannon fodder to protect their precious artillery, and use elite troops like Cossacks as security battalions to keep the fodder on the line. I've always run the muster soldiers as a true elite, looking down on the amateurs who populate noble armies.

That said, I've also always run Chainers as scum one step above street thugs, so there are Muster and then there are Muster.

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Re: Muster ranged combat style

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:16 pm

Oh, when I talk about House Soldiers I don't mean the militia guys with a week of rifle training and new boots. I'm thinking of Royal Guard, the soldiers who can fire artillery and load and drive carts, career military in the service of the House. I'm talking about guys in livery who eat House jingoism for breakfast. I think those soldiers are easily as good or better with a rifle than any Muster, easily as dangerous with a trench knife, but they lack the strategic knowledge of a Muster because they aren't involved in planning like the Muster Are. House soldiers also come from a lower tech background with lower tech training. Despite being uniformed elite soldiers they will put up their tent in the backwash of a missile launcher turret if nobody tells them otherwise.

I also agree that Hazat front line troops are harder, stronger and more skilled than the average Muster Merc just by virtue of their depth of engagement but the strength of Muster Mercs is the broad skill base they posses that makes them capable soldiers in the absence of leadership.

Amusingly the one PC Chainer we had was a university-trained charming sophisticate, less like a pirate slave trader and more like a corporate headhunter that does more kidnapping than recruiting.

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