Stellar Bestiary

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Stellar Bestiary

Postby Amlost » Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:34 pm

I regularly have been mentioning unknown creatures in the sample fiefs thread that are vague concepts in my mind. I never thought to write up stats for them until I need them in game play. I usually find myself having to so so on the spot, with vague notes and insufficient time. I thought it would be helpful to have a place for people to post creatures they run into as they cross the known world. A quick reference guide for travelers, hunters, and explorers of rural regions.

My creatures featured below are much more mundane than those written up in the Lord Erbain's Bestiary work, but I figure they are much more common.

Homeworld: Alyon (Southern Gjallar)
Present Distribution: Alyon; Vannevar Island, Ionia Novus Archipelago Bannockburn
Type: Animalia; Ferae
Role: Scavenger, Insectivore
Size: 75 to 130 cm
Weight: 27 and 55 kg (60 and 121 lb)
Habitat: Rocky Forested Uplands
Social Organization: Family groupings of two adults and youths; otherwise lone males/females.
Description: These large scaled mammals are one of Alyon’s renowned trophy animals. They primarily burrowing insectivores; but are known to aggressively pursue carrion in their territory.
They are fast moving compared to the insectivores of Urth in order to catch their favored meal, the native Winsig’s. They hunt the lowland forests from spring to fall but migrate up into the hills and mountain valleys in the winter to establish dens.
Towards the end of the Second Republic a corporate venture attempted to transplant this animal (and its prey) to Vannevar Island part of the Ionia Novus Archipelago on Bannockburn. Originally a hunting preserve for ultra-rich technocrats of Bannockburn run by Lekhanya Industries the island eventually became overrun by alternating Winsig and Cafayate population surges. The region is now controlled by a small Juanduastas Viscounty who have made numerous attempts to squelch this cycle.
Behavior: Territorial around feeding and breeding area’s. Capable of surprising attacks when protecting their family’s; lone animals are more likely to back down from a fight and run.
Commodity: Cafayate are often trophies on the wall of nobles around the galaxy (2 fb per pelt, 4 fb per head). Cafayate hides are often incorporated into furniture in hunting lodges. Cafayate meat is tasty but not common to the noble palates of Alyon. It is a big part of the freeman’s diet during customary hunting seasons and a hidden treat for serfs in the region (1 crest per 5 kg).
Capturing a single male in heat however contains a special treat that most hunt masters keep to themselves; two pheromone glands on the back contain musk pods highly prized by perfumers (20 fb each).

Body: Strength 7 , Dexterity 7, Endurance 9
Mind: Wits 4, Perception 4.
Defense: 2
Move: 10
Skills: Fight 3, Observe 5, Vigor 2.
Weapons: Bite 3d, Claws 3d (Hard)
Armor: 3d
Vitality: –10/–8/–6/–4/–2/O/O/O/O/O

Homeworld: Alyon (Southern Gjallar)
Present Distribution: Alyon; Vannevar Island, Ionia Novus Archipelago Bannockburn
Type: Insect; Orthopteria
Role: Tree dwelling herbivore, Insectivore
Size: 12 to 18 cm
Weight: 270 and 450 g
Habitat: Forested Uplands
Social Organization: Lone males/females; Females reuse hatcheries for multiple hatchings during the spring and summer months gradually increasing in size and often surrounded by multiple generations. They scavenge the fallen leaf matter from the forests every fall at a remarkable rate before laying the last hatching of the year. These “last hatchings” develop very slowly waiting to emerge the following spring.
Description: These massive insects are native to the forests of Alyon. They flit between the branches of trees eating mostly damaged or sick plant life.
Behavior: Most of the time Winsig’s are mindless consumers of plant matter. They have been known to congregate in large numbers around newly fallen trees or masses of damaged plantlife.
Commodity: Winsig’s are of little use to most however regional farmers supplement animal meal with them. Ambitious Chariteers and traders have often tried to exported offworld to be sold as a tasty delicacy; however it has never been a widespread trend.

Homeworld: Lautum (Lost World)
Present Distribution: Cadavus (Northern Sabtah); Kish (Windbrek Mountains); Icon (Titan Mountains, Amtapco Hills);
Type: Avian; Dinornis
Role: Domesticated; Herd Avians
Size: 1 – 1.25m
Weight: 24 to 28 kg
Habitat: Hills Uplands
Social Organization: Lone males/females; Females reuse hatcheries for multiple hatchings gradually increasing in size and often surrounded by multiple generations.
Description: Large flightless avians whose large powerful legs make them powerful jumpers and climbers. The males have some very impressive plumage that plays a role in the mating habits of the creatures but also allows for greater gliding abilities then the short feathered females. Females however are typically larger than the males. There natural flocking nature makes them a popular herding animal. They feed on a range of fibrous shrubs and upland grasses.
Rock hoppers (as they are colloquially known by herders of the animals) are said to have revived from Urth’s Prehistory by the Diasporan genius; Dr. Jābir ibn Bayda. He reconstructed the animal from the genetics of the Moa and they were afterwards domesticated, transported, and introduced to a number of worlds.
Behavior: Vertrets are domesticated and most show little fear of humans. Herds typically range from 50-80 individuals. Domesticated Vertrets are only known to become violent against predators or invaders of their nests.
Commodity: Vertret meat is a common dish in area’s where it is commonly herded. It lends itself well to preservation as a jerky for travelers in desert environments. Vertret eggs are very rarely eaten by humans, more due to economics and superstition than taste. Their plumage is also used in decoration, bedding, and for mattresses and pillows.

Body: Strength 4 , Dexterity 4, Endurance 3
Mind: Wits 1, Perception 3.
Defense: 2
Move: 12
Skills: Jump 6, Observe 5, Vigor 2.
Weapons: Bite 1d, Claws 1d
Armor: 1d
Vitality: –10/–8/–6/–4/–2/O/O/O

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Re: Stellar Bestiary

Postby Angelman » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:02 pm

Great idea, Amlost! Love it :D
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Re: Stellar Bestiary

Postby Holz » Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:16 pm

Some nice additions! =D
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