Your Known Worlds alter ego

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Scravershold » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:30 pm

Fading Suns and I...

I discovered FS early on (mid to late 90s) when it was still Holistic Design and fell in love with the setting. Although coming from more detail (stats) oriented game systems, the FS rules always threw me off a bit, but when it came to a fully realized world(s) setting and atmosphere, it just couldn't be beat. Traveler came close but I thought over complicated, where FS had a more comfortable, organic feel to it's storytelling.

The few times I tried to run FS campaigns, the crew I gamed with were even more detail/stat oriented than I am, so I converted/hybridized the FS system with GURPS as that was their game system of choice, but it didn't feel right. My game system of choice was Palladium, fantasy setting and Rifts.

But having said all this, Fading Suns is still strong in the back of my mind, I have almost all of the books along with some other odds and ends, and will just read the material over and over as if it were a novel and just let my mind wander with it. I've even met the Holistic Design team at Dragoncon, they used to have a stall in the dealers room, but they've been awol the past couple of years, much to my sorrow. And sadly, probably wont be able to make it back myself for a few years at least due to finances and family obligations.

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Scravershold » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:40 pm

And as for Known Worlds Alter ego's, on the flip side of the coin, I could easily be a Scraver. I'm just too much of an "outlaw" at heart. ;)

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Angelman » Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:03 am

You got into FS earlier then me, then :) I totally agree that FS has much the same potential as Traveler, but where Traveler got bogged down in detail and crunch, FS focuses on relations and story.

By the way, since you're new to the forum and it has been a quiet couple of weeks, what would you like to see in future FSR products, Scravershold?
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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Scravershold » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:49 pm

On FS vs other more nuts and bolts games. Being a little older now, I think I have a better appreciation for story over technical details. ;)

As for what I'd like to see. Well, I'm still catching up on the various discussions on the board so I'm not totally up to speed on what you guys are or are not doing so far. But maybe more on minor houses struggling to make a name for themselves under the noses of the major houses. Maybe some fleshing out of the Scravers and Musters guilds, sub divisions thereof.

And the Church seems pretty well covered, it's the monolithic structure most everything seems to revolve around. Whereas it seems like there's lots of small to medium sized bad guys and a couple big ones which the Church seems to keep in check. So maybe a new big bad, monolithic enough in it's own right to give the Church a run for it's money. Maybe the Symbiots amped up a bit, a second wave new and improved, but thinking more along the lines of a new alien threat altogether as I'd like to see new things introduced to the FS world as opposed to just rehashing what's already been done.

I've been going through the books for a few weeks now, so I'll start thinking more along the lines of what I'd like to see and maybe start a new thread in a few days.

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Leviathan of Maddoc » Thu May 14, 2015 2:03 am

I'd be a disgraced Engineer, banished from the halls of Think Machine workers and forced to eek out an existence as a worker in a factory that makes tech for a major flitter manufacturer.

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby ZeroJanvier » Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:42 pm

Bogie wrote:Supreme Order of Engineers, probably involved in some sort of think machine heresy. :)

I would probably be the same ;)

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Re: Your Known Worlds alter ego

Postby Hygric » Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:24 am

Hmmm... I would have been burned at the stake by the inquisition years ago as a pagan heretic.

Or, just possibly if I was lucky a pagan from Gwyneth who originally joined the Reeves until finding a real talent for medical logistics and found employment at the busiest hospice in Hawkwood space, befriending a few Amaltheans who help hide my heretical beliefs.

Real life translation: I'm a Pagan gamer who used to work for the Australian Tax Office but for the last ten years I have been working as a logistics officer in the operating suite for the busiest trauma hospital on the entire east coast of Australia. No it's not in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. If you are a trauma patient who needs surgery and the equipment to get you well is in a warehouse 160km away, I get it for you. No pressure in this job at all! ;-) I've also made close friends with the hospital chaplains at work who have called upon me in the past for advice with giving spiritual support to pagan patients. I also agitated to have Paganism added to our computer system as an option for a patients religion.

Yup, Pagan and proud... I would have been burnt at the stake...

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