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Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:50 pm
by Leviathan of Maddoc
We appreciate the work. Thank you.

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:31 am
by Bertjammin
Leviathan of Maddoc wrote:We appreciate the work. Thank you.

And I appreciate the appreciation ;)

BTW the artist I had do the work on the Drama seed book might still be coerced into doing some more art for us for the fiefs but he's working on some paid work for another games company at present.

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:30 pm
by Amlost
Board is far to quite lately. A fief outside the Known Worlds should stir things up. Who doesn't want to unleash the technologically mad heathens of Twilight on the Hawkwoods?

Zagreb Field

Overview: Once a prosperous mining and production colony; the moon of Zagreb is now a forced labor camp of the Abwehr Citidel. Zagreb and it’s group of companion satellites wander a slowly decaying orbit between Dolorius and Twilight . Once a commercial outpost of a high tech, high minded republic; it is now a military forced labor camp.

Zagreb’s Central Command Council is loyal to the Abwehr Citidel. The Council, consisting of three party appointees, manages the day-to-day workings of the large field’s colonies.
Zagreb does minimal direct trade with other powers. The occasional ore freighter or mining ship or freighter from the Sayshel Collective is pretty much the extent of business. Trade with ground based Twilight is by government owned transport. (Note: These transports are of diverse manufacture. Many date back to the former Croven Republic or Zigan owners.)

Description: Zagreb was once a moon of Dolorius. The mineral rich moon was colonized as far back as the Second Republic (or longer) and has long since been mined out. The surface is covered in craters and mining tailings from centuries of exploitation. Abandoned facilities, stripped of useful equipment, line the surface. Many facilities have been abandoned wrecked beyond repair after the cataclysms of 4712.

The main colony on Zagreb consists of a series of subterranean structures and large surface constructs; interconnected by a tunnel and rail system. The Shipyards are situated in the flats of an ancient crater, the industrial zone lines the craters decaying rim. To the northeast lies the spaceport. The forced labor have been interned in what was once an upscale district built in the 4450’s known locally as “New Town” while the majority of the Abwehr citizens are housed in Old Town.

The “Old Town” is located north of the crater wall beneath an ancient lava flow. It is home to the core of the Abwehr establishment; soldiers, administrators, guards, and managers. Meticulous housing, offices, and storefronts line the halls. The central common areas are host to all types of Citadel approved entertainments. Security at every entrance is tight and surveillance is everywhere.

“New Town” is a domed shaft on the western edge of the crater whose interior has been excavated layer by layer creating a spiral town descending over a kilometer underground. Seven side chambers are used for specialty support industries essential to support of food, environmental controls, and part fabrication. The corridors of the district are constantly patrolled by citadel guards; the once spacious apartments of the district have been subdivided into cells and bunk rooms for workers.

Most of the prisoner/forced laborers living in “New Town” are employed at the facilities in Factory Ridge. Industrial facilities line the steep north end of a crater wall providing manufactured parts to supply the shipyards as well as air, water, and nutritional supplements.

The Shipyards consist mainly of the flat surface of the crater floor littered with projects in various states of assembly serviced by hundreds of mobile facilities, cranes, and trucks. The Solarius dominates the southern end of the yard, the incomplete Zigan Dreadnaught Solaris, being by and far the largest ship here. Most new ships being assembled here are frigates, personnel transports, military cargo vessels, and patrol ships.

The Port has been extensively retrofitted from the mining center it once was into an effective transport hub for prisoners separate from Abhwer citizens and critical military cargo.
In coming prisoners are screened, processed, and introduced to life on Zagreb at the “Wardens” a high security facility mid-way between the port and the eastern end of Factory Ridge. Troublesome detainees are also kept at this facility separate from the greater prison population.

Orbiting Zagreb is a small 1km in diameter moon known formerly as Zagreb –A or as “Ayehem” by locals. The mines of the moon ran out less than 10 years ago. The facility on the moon’s surface has since been stripped of mining gear and is now used by the Citadel as little more than a transfer and sensor station. In its current role it is a hotbed of corruption and smuggling. The smuggling taking place has been focused on the comforts and deprivations of the Abwehr officer core; hence little has been done to curb it.

The Zabreb Belt contains a dozen active small asteroid mines. Each of these mines is supplied from and ship material thru Zathreb for processing. If possible the work conditions of the remote mines are worse than those on Zagreb itself.

History: Z
agreb was colonized during the Second Republic originally as a mining colony. Due to its orbit of Dolorius it was a convenient way station for miners of the (now dispersed asteroid fields that orbited the Twilight system. By the time of the Fall it was a busy Republic outpost with a substantial industrial base. After the fall the Croven Republic struggled maintain control of the Dolorius colonies. Twice during the Dark Ages the colonies rebelled and declared independence (The last time during the Reval Renaissance).

In 4712 Dolorius’s orbit destabilized and over the next fifty years shed 20 of the largest of it’s sixty moons. Many moons, in the anxiety of the time, rejoined the Croven Republic, Revel, and Sayshel. By 4785 Zagreb was in semi-autonomous union with Croven. This was the year Twilight became the nuclear waste of today. Zagreb quickly acknowledged it’s need of a ground based ally. Eventually reaching an alliance with the Zigan Union in 4789 the two lived co-dependently for the next century and a half rebuilding.

As the opening salvo to the invasion of Zigo the Abwehr Citidel assaulted Zagreb. It saw the immediate results of Reval’s racial and political hatreds first hand. The once democratic colony was converted to a series of ghetto’s and forced labor camps. Imported Zigan’s and other undesirables have been imported to work in the forced labor camps in the thousands ever since to work in the military industrial factories. The docks, long focused on civilian and commercial ships, have been converted to military production.

Assets: Zabreb’s production is used for the greater prosperity of the Citadel. The facility builds a dozen starships a year for Abwehr’s greater glory. Long Live the Citadel!!

Men-at-Arms: The Citadel maintains a significant policing force and naval force. 5,000 guards are dedicated to supervising the 42,000 forced laborers. Another 3,000 factory administrators and support personnel could be armed in case of a serious uprising. Another 1,000 naval personel are based out of the port for training and patrol services.

Ten Point defense blaster and torpedo emplacements surround the shipyard. Two heavy laser turrets are located on towers dedicated to defense of the Port. Orbital surveillance provides advance warning of incoming ships.

Two Frigates and a dozen patrol vessels are assigned to the Field at any point in time; these are regularly resupplied/manned by the Citadels Gift, a locally built tender, based out of the port.


Commandant Sunil Hamied (b. 4950): The most influential member of the Central Command Council of Zigan the Commandant is charged with operations of the forced laborers on Zagreb. An intelligent if paranoid man he has spies throughout the Zigan population. He is hoping to be promoted in the near future to take a larger more important command on Twilight. Perhaps even on the Zigan Occupation Command Council.

Prisoner Z931847 – Karan Sena (b. 4971): Karan Sena was once a Sergeant in the Zigan Armed Forces prior to being part of General Alva’s surrender of the city of Tardeo. Her military background made her a security risk for the first two years of her imprisonment however her technical skills led to her being shipped to the shipyards of Zathreb. She has since been promoted to work a small team charged with maintaining shipyard facilities. She is secretly a highly placed cell leader charged with planning the capture vessels in the shipyards should the opportunity arise.

Adventure Idea’s:

The Mutiny & The Solarius:
Characters are somehow (Prisoners of the Citadel, Smuggling weapons to the laborers, trying to steal something… Take your pick) on Zagreb when a prison riot begins. The workers, armed with smuggled weapons, gain the upper hand and sieze the Shipyards, New Town, and most of Factory Ridge. They neutralize the gun emplacements surrounding the shipyard and prepare to escape using every available ship capable of flying.
The new dreadnaught Solarius is in-dock being fitted out. Originally designed by the Zigan Navy, she was over three quarters complete when the Citadel captured her over Twilight. She was moved here for finishing, a process that has taken almost twelve years due both to disinterest from Abwehr Miliary Counsel and sabotage by Zigan workers.
The Solarius and other ships are loaded with laborers in a rush to get offworld before assistance can arrive from in-system. They can’t go home; they don’t trust the safely of Delphia or Antioch. When the find out that there are Known World’ers amongst them they set their site on escaping to Ravenna and beyond.

Solarius is a huge vessel designed as a command and control ship for the Navy. The vessel requires a thousand men to operate and is capable of carrying near ten thousand. The armored behemoth was designed more for defense and control than as a heavy assault vessel; it is equipped with armaments little more than those of a Known Worlds cruiser but with defensive capabilities far superior to any contemporary.

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:07 pm
by Angelman
This is a great a great fief, Amlost! Detailed and interesting.
Unfortunately, I don't spend much time thinking about FS these days, but I hope that will change in the future; it is much to great a seting to let gather dust :) I love you out-of-the-box fief and I hope the fanbase will gather these and put them into a nice pdf someday. It has proven diffuclut, technically/legally, for us freelance writers to head these kinds of projects, so I can only he the fanbase feels inspired :)

Awesome stuff! :D

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:45 am
by Bertjammin
Angelman wrote:This is a great a great fief, Amlost! Detailed and interesting.
It has proven diffuclut, technically/legally, for us freelance writers to head these kinds of projects, so I can only he the fanbase feels inspired :)

Does that actually mean "Ben & Holz...remember what you did with the story seeds....?" ;)

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:22 pm
by Angelman
Bertjammin wrote:
Angelman wrote:This is a great a great fief, Amlost! Detailed and interesting.
It has proven diffuclut, technically/legally, for us freelance writers to head these kinds of projects, so I can only he the fanbase feels inspired :)

Does that actually mean "Ben & Holz...remember what you did with the story seeds....?" ;)
Pretty much, yes :p And what a brilliant job you did! :)

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:12 am
by Grummore
Angelman wrote:Unfortunately, I don't spend much time thinking about FS these days, but I hope that will change in the future; it is much to great a seting to let gather dust

yup, very sad indeed.

Who does and who should spend time about FS these days?

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:18 am
by Bertjammin
Grummore wrote:Who does and who should spend time about FS these days?

That would be Todd - he's busy putting the final touches to the release of Noble Armada 3 but I understand that the next FS releases are next up on his list....

Re: Sample Fiefs Thread?

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:03 pm
by Amlost
Lost Moon of Nuerastor

Overview: The Sayshel Collective controlled the great port of Nuerastor prior to the Great War of 4785. After the war control became…. Somewhat fluid….. Natural disasters, political unrest, and Nuetastor’s uncontrolled launch into the Twilight system have led to the little moon’s decent into near anarchy.

Once a moon of Dolorius and a factor in Twilight politics it has become a haven for criminals and marginal business activities. Since the wars of the late 48th century the Sayshel Corporations have re-established themselves here; utilizing the moon for its minimal radiation environment.

Relations: The Sayhel Collective retains control of the core of the port and has an established garrison here under Administrator General Pau. The Administrator governs from the city of Viscoll.

Sayhel corporations control the vast majority of the moons industry and economic concerns. AgriCore, Nnuelliana Metaurigical, Novoplex Pharmauticals, and Bliem Mining all have remote fortress compounds connected to Nuerastor’s spaceport. These corporations hold incredible influence with the Cooperative’s political elite as a combined body. (Un)fortunately they often fight against one another towards different goals. They have been known to trade with the Abwehr and the Delphia (as well as the Zigan’s in the past); however that trade is tiny in comparison to the volume of trade with Tsaerdik.

Abwehr and Delphia spies are common on the moon; as are Ziga rebels. Here Sayhel corporations are often teamed up with an outside power to increase their own strength and influence within the Collective. All parties compete in a deadly covert war aimed at their own survival.

Description: Once a moon of Dolorius; Nuerastor lost orbit in 4724 to settle into the L4 Lagrange Point of its parent. The mineral rich moon is covered with a thin Krypton/Nitrogen /Argon atmosphere. Temperatures are far too cold for liquid water on the surface; most surface ice is concentrated below ground or on the southern (formerly southern as the world no longer has poles to speak of) glaciers. Mountain ranges cover the majority of the southern hemisphere while a vast desert of rock dominates the northern pole.

Nuerastor has fifty or more colonies on its surface. Most are remote mining camps of less than one hundred inhabitants. Six major hub colonies collect and support the outlying settlements. While each is officially controlled by the Seyshel Collective; large corporations are the primary owners and operators. Three of these are worth specific mention.

Nnuelliana Metaurigical’s primary export from Nuerastor is Baribismithium fusion reactor casings and Hespharthium armor panels. Robotic smelters fed by slave labor produce a hundred units a month. Sold almost exclusively to Seyshel shipyards and industrial facilities. Local administrators are security conscious but still worried about the bottom line. Nnuelliana is based in the southern half of the Seyshel Collective and members of its board are wary of the intentions of the Abwehr Citidel.

Novoplex Pharmauticals is the primary drug supplier in the Collective. Any drug requiring a strictly radiation free environment to produce is manufactured on Nuerastor. The expansive Novoplex complex is located mostly underground with heavily armored “skylights” and smaller surface complexes. Anti-radiation drugs are the primary export from Novoplex’s exports (by volume); however hundreds of vaccinations, antibiotics, and other drugs are shipped to Twilight every year.

Bliem Mining is an ancient family owned company that dates back to the period when Nuerastor still orbited Dolorius. They control seven active mining settlements across the surface of the world and own a half dozen abandoned facilities. The extended Bliem family is entrenched in corporate leadership; however the successor of Bliem Minings current President Tamyra Bliem is a toss-up; eleven VP’s are under consideration. The various candidates are at each other’s throats. Some are vying for leadership, others are making themselves nest eggs, others are employing criminal elements to ensure their position in the future hierarchy.

The atmosphere of the moon has a tendency to mess up sensors inbound. Each settlement maintains a location beacon that punches thru the interference. Ionic storms often cause glitches in incoming shuttles and transport craft as well. Ships capable of accelerated entry into upper atmosphere are preferred by pilots who frequent Nuerastor.

The city of Viscoll contains the only full service spaceport on the moon. Limited ports are located at numerous outlying facilities and allow for shuttle access from orbit. Access exploited by smugglers and rebels alike. Rail lines, rovers, and hoppers move supplies rapidly across the surface of the moon.

Viscoll is primarily a massive spaceport, an outlying garrison, and sprawling storage facilities. The new city of Viscoll is an eight pointed star of centered on the administrative offices of the Administrator General and his staff. From this point large “Avenues” branch out in eight directions. The Southern Branch extends to the Spaceport, the Eastern to the Garrison, the west to the rail station, and the north to the Old City. The covered boulevards of Viscolls center is a thin vale for the poor conditions between the Avenues in the subterranean inhabitants who live in poor hovels cut into the rock strata.

Old Viscoll is a mess of abandoned sections, salvaged regions, and newer small corporate

History: Nuerastor was settled by Diasporan mining parties in the late 3400’s. Most of the ancient colonies have been built over and reconstructed over the centuries.

In 4712 Dolorius’s orbit destabilized and over the next fifty years shed 20 of the largest of it’s sixty moons. Nuerastor shed all remaining pretentions for independence and rejoined the Sayshel Collective. Nuerastor deorbited Dolorius in 4720. Ground quakes and atmosphere loss caused extensive damage. When the moon eventually was caught in an erratic orbit of Dolorius’s L4 point the inhabitants breathed a sigh of relief.

The years between 4725 and 4785 were particularly productive decades on Nuerastor. The ground quakes had exposed valuable pockets of rare metals and the improved access to the L4 Trogans asteroids made for a period of explosive growth. The subsequent construction boom was spread across the moon’s surface. Rebuilding of the outer mining colony’s was sparse and the need for materials in the inner system was not excessive.

In the wake of the Seyshel – Croven War of 4785; Nuerastor was called upon to provide assistance to its home nation that had been devastated in the nuclear exchange. Automated construction machinery was shipped in mass from the outer colonies to Tsaerdik and Torga. (This is one of the reasons post war architecture on the Torga Continent closely resembles lunar domes.) In exchange they received work parties of refugees in quantities that far exceeded the ability of the moons infrastructure to maintain them.

Assets: Civil chaos and poor living conditions aside the Lost Moon of Nuerastor is far more profitable and industrially important now than it ever was in the past as a mining world. Few members of the Collective would openly agree with that statement however and actively push to increase productivity.

Underworld activities in the abandoned mining colony’s are estimated to account for over thirty percent of the total illegal activity in the outer Twilight system. The equivalent of millions of firebirds of illegal or tariff free goods are transferred thru her annually.

Men-at-Arms: A two thousand man garrison controls the city of Viscoll. They very effectively control the central core of the city but have very little control over the rest of the planet. Much of the rest is in the control of corporate and criminal enterprises. Weapons and armor very widely between unit but are generally high tech in nature. Slug guns and frap sticks are the standard armament of these groups.

Twenty four Staskova Gunships are on standby at the garrison to protect the moon. These well armed short range vessels designed for local defense. Travel by these vessels to Twilight without a tender escort would be difficult; they are unequipped with jump drives. Additional support vessels and civilian (corporate) vessels traverse the moon regularly.

Small independent ships are available for corporate/criminal interests; however their number, types, and strengths are unpredictable at any point in time. The Fight-or-Flight instinct of these organizations would also determine their involvement in any conflict.


Administrator General Richelle Ryson (b. 4969): Richelle Ryson is the scion of a political and economic dynasty in the Collective. Her once promising career in the Bureaus and Political Committees on Twilight was cut short when she was suddenly reassigned to Nuerastor. One of five members of the local committee she obviously has the most influence with the Collectives executive powers.

VP-RO Ernest Markovich (b. 4952): Mr. Markovich is the Vice President of Local Operations for Novoplex Pharmaceuticals. He is a crafty individual who has realized that he will be unable to move up within the Novoplex hierarchy. Instead he has been securing his current position and working to develop a retirement fund for himself. He has been selling excess production of medical supplies on the black market to pad his reserves as quietly as he can. In the meantime he has been a brutal administrator to the lowest level manufacturers and a friend and ally to the mid-level administrators and security staff.

Trevor Masteland (b. 4965): Officially a pharmaceutical equipment business owner (surgical instruments and needles); Masteland is a major underworld player in the Twilight system. Mr. Masteland secretly runs a moving “shadow port” around various abandoned facilities on Nuerastor. Thru these facilities he facilitates smuggling across the system and support of many black market players. Thru this enterprise he is well connected with the Zigan Resistance; mostly as a third party arms merchant.

Adventure Idea’s: Nuerastor is the ideal 1st stopping point in the Twilight system for visitors with…. less than savory intentions. Almost anything can be bought or sold here for a price. Visiting charactors may be looking for a specific technology, product, or to hire a crew of mercenary’s for a specific task.