Lightbears & Horror Stalker

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Lightbears & Horror Stalker

Postby Dale » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:59 pm

Just a small spattering of recent thoughts I've had recently:

Like many I loved the idea of the Horror Stalker. It was just plain cool. It never really seemed to work fully as a discipline all on its own to me. It was great as a second discipline though. It still was a bit lacking as a second discipline if you weren't melee.

The Lightbearers talent/ability was awesome as well. It was a bit over powered for a single ability to have the power it did though.

I was thinking on the two recently. I first pondered if you could make a half-discipline or a discipline that was only done as an addition to another regular discipline (ie. trying to make the Horror Stalker work). Those meanderings led me to thinking on how the Lightbearers could be redone as well. While the two thoughts were separate it dawned on me that maybe they really don't have to be separate at all. Could the lightbearers be reworked to function similar to a discipline instead of a single talent? Could/would that something end up being similar to the Horror Stalker? It seemed to make sense the more I poked at it. The assumption would be that an adept of some sort is initiated into the LB and gain access to new training and abilities. Mechanically it could work just like a second discipline. That "discipline" based on LB though wouldn't have to be able to stand 100% on its own the way a Horror Stalker in theory should. As a function of LB main attack talents could be stripped away under the assumption that the primary discipline already covers it. This would leave talents & options focused purely on the specialty of dealing with the horrors. The entertaining "suicidal" way of the original Horror Stalker could be one way it could play out.

So, am I off my rocker in true Horror Stalker fashion or does this concept resonate with others?

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Re: Lightbears & Horror Stalker

Postby wsocrates » Fri Oct 14, 2016 1:23 pm

That is an interesting way of looking at it.

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Re: Lightbears & Horror Stalker

Postby Telarus_KSC » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:34 pm

I always found the Horror Stalker discipline to be a way to keep the "vampire hunter" part of the "Cleric"-shtick around - as ED dropped the other parts for a related idea (Questors, which Mataxes is also giving a "more Discipline-like treatment"). This is interesting, thanks for the ideas Dale.

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Re: Lightbears & Horror Stalker

Postby Mataxes » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:44 pm

I haven't really looked at how applicable it might be, but it's possible the framework we're building for questors might be adaptable to other... mystery cults. (Lightbearers would qualify, not sure Horror Stalkers would.)

So... it's still in the really really early stages, but the current idea is to have questor progression work in a way similar to Versatility. That is, the questor buys a "talent" which gives them access to a suite of abilities based on their chosen patron, and they fill in slots under that talent with the powers they want. No Circles or anything formal like that (though there may be some powers that require a minimum 'rank' in the questor talent). The powers are raised independently, so different questors can put their focus on different things.

Like I said, I don't think it's much of a stretch to use the same kind of thing for Lightbearers -- they get a special talent that allows access to a suite of powers. Heck, it might even work for the long discussed but never explored "half-magic adepts." Horror Stalker might work in that framework if you reconceptualize it as something other than a Discipline.
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