GenCon 2016 - The Thread

Discussion on the Earthdawn game line, errata, and feedback not related to playing or GMing.
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GenCon 2016 - The Thread

Postby Mataxes » Fri May 06, 2016 10:34 pm

The event calendar for GenCon 2016 is live. You can't register for events yet, but you can see what is on tap, and add events to your "wish list" so that you can try and get tickets for the important stuff.

Some things I want to note of interest to folks in this Sub-forum:

1) We are having a FASA Games panel on Friday at 9am. The lead developers for our 4 game lines will be there (myself included), we'll probably give a little talk about each game, and if time permits field some questions. The panel is 1 hour, free of charge. (here's a direct link to the event if you want)

2) There are 16 Earthdawn sessions being run at GenCon, including 3 sessions by me (I'm running "Scars of the Scourge"). These tend to fill up fast, so keep that in mind!

3) I will also have designated hours at the FASA Games booth, which I will make known once they are nailed down. At that time I will be happy to sign books, sell books, answer questions, talk shop, etc (within reason).

4) If enough people are going and interested, I might be persuaded to hold an informal bull session or something during the con (time and availability permitting).

5) I am trying really hard to get Travar done in time to have print books at GenCon. But more updates on that later.

I'm sticking the thread so it stays up top until the con. Please feel free to comment and discuss.
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Re: GenCon 2016 - The Thread

Postby earthdawn66 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:29 pm

8 hours ORIGINS WOOT... and 49 days til Gen Con... Double Woot Woot

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