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Re: Heat Armor

Postby The Undying » Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:34 am

emeketos wrote:The spell is very situational anyways, Any elementalist would have fireball or lightning in their matrix as their main combat spell(enhanced matrix) and grove renewal in their other enhanced.

Never a good idea to make sweeping statements like that. ;)

Fireball requires an enhancement matrix just to get off the ground without Threadweaving. Want to avoid nuking your buddies? That's another thread, so now you're casting every other turn.

You comment that Heat Armor is too situational, but then say that any Elementalist would have Grove Renewal in matrix as a standard. Grove Renewal is VERY situational. Personally, I'd rather lose the turn and take the strain swapping it into my matrix then having it always at the ready.

As for Heat Armor being very situational, I'd say that a solid 90% of the Namegivers you fight will have armor on. If an Adept knows they're going up against Namegivers, this spell is certainly viable for main casting. Solid damage for around a dozen turns that bypass armor and they either have to burn ~10 turns sloughing their armor (meaning they aren't attacking and then become more vulnerable after, maybe even losing access to a thread item), successfully use Dispel Magic, or take on the chin? We're talking enough damage that would put down most Journeyman Adepts with anything less than Durability 7.

To wrap, Elementalists are very much a support Discipline, not direct damage. An Elementalist's time is USUALLY better spent doing things to help their companions lay down the hurt. Things like keeping armor debuffed, keeping Harried status up, and helping their melee companions be more effective (high damage output or improved defense/armor).

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