Threads of Legend living campaign

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Threads of Legend living campaign

Postby shadows_at_dusk » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:08 pm

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Pathfinder Society, but it is a system by wherein you register a character and play it in registered events and keep a record of past adventures and grow in experience and prestige (legend points and legendary status for us Earthdawn players). I have run and played in many such games and I have wanted to try and do something like this with Earthdawn, especially now that 4th is emerging.

I recently got my hands on an old Polyhedron magazine in which, there was an article about the Threads of Legend Living Setting and I was intrigued. I wish I had known about this all those years ago. It would have been so great to have tried it! I understand that Threads of Legend was created and operated by a gentleman named Drew Caldwell, a longtime member of the RPGA and Earthdawn fan.

I was hoping perhaps, with so many longtime ED players on this forum, someone may have played in some of these events would be willing to share any information or even old documents with me. These would be very useful to try not to recreate the wheel here.

Does this sound like something anyone would be interested in?

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