Any Kickstarter 3rd edition in the horizon?

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Any Kickstarter 3rd edition in the horizon?

Postby poulpox » Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:06 am

Hi guys!
Well, you mentioned 3rd edition news for the end of the year, how are things going in the Demonworld team?

I think it would be great to do a well publicized kickstarter to get people to know the game much more out of France and Germany.
Because I haven't played it for about 10 years I can't really comment on rules changes (I'm sure the DM community has a lot to share about this, particularly in France where they kept things going for so long), except that I really think it should include non-hex play, which would allow gamers who have other systems to get into DM without having to update all their terrain as well. I think DM would greatly benefit from a revamp of the game graphics to look more appealing.

Having a kickstarter could allow for:
. getting the game known
. releasing army books for all the armies
. rework all current graphic art which is very dated (the cover of the rulebook is the only cover worth keeping in my opinion)
. update of old 90s style units (you could do a poll on which units players feel have aged too much in terms of looks and re-do them)

DM has such a great potential to be more than a niche system, but it needs public awareness and for that you need eye candy. This was demonstrated by Hawkwargames' Dropzone Commander recent launch, whose photo/painting marketing quality allowed for many gamers to get involved without even having a clue of how the system worked! A very successful stunt indeed. With excellent pictures and mini painting display you could blow the fantasy gaming world away!
Please give us some eye candy!!!!! :D

Hoping DM's future will be bright,
Ready to backup your Kickstarter,

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